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DAR stocks a lighter, Commercial grade fiberglass cloth. This lighter cloth is a lower cost alternative for service temperatures to 1000F.

Commercial Grade Fiberglass Cloth

Commercial Grade Fiberglass Cloth   (sold by the lineal foot in 4 standard lengths)

  • For service temperatures to 1000F

  • Available treated with rubber, Neoprene, silicone, or PTFE, for use as gasketing material

  • Available with 9383 Heat Treatment at no extra charge 

Style Number Decimal Thickness Oz. Per Square Yard 40" Wide 60" Wide 
CG2025 .032" 18 Oz. In Stock In Stock
CG2400 .060" 24 Oz. In Stock In Stock
CG3000 .065" 30 Oz.  In Stock In Stock
CG3500 .075" 35 Oz.  In Stock In Stock
CG4000 .090" 40 Oz. In Stock In Stock
CG6000 .125" 64 Oz. In Stock In Stock
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