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Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant 

PTFE is the most universal gasketing material available. Expanded PTFE has the inherent properties of PTFE, plus it is much more compressible to allow sealing even problem flanges having irregular or rough surfaces, at lower flange bolting torque than other gasketing materials. A tremendous, per gasket cost can be realized using our Joint Sealant, since scrap from die cutting sheets is eliminated, and gasket inventories are reduced. 


  • Temperature Limits from -450F to 600F
  • 0-14 pH Range
  • Good in most chemicals (except molten alkali metals & elemental fluorine) 
  • Sealing pressure from full vacuum to 3000 psi internal pressure can be achieved and depends on a number of factors including:
  1. Flange type and pressure rating - ANSI 150lb., 300lb, etc. Flanges with higher pressure ratings have more or larger bolts and heavier flanges allowing higher gasket loads. 
  2. Condition of the flange surfaces - Expanded PTFE joint sealant is more conformable than other more rigid gasketing materials for better sealing of scratched or pitted surfaces. 
  3. Temperature - Higher temperatures provide lower sealing pressure capability.
  4. Type of liquid or gas being sealed - Liquids generally require less load to seal than gases. The surface tension of PTFE for a particular fluid is also a factor. 
  5. Temperature Cycling - Thermal cycling can cause problems if the cycling results in significantly reduced pressure on the gasket. Installation of spring washers on the flange bolts is a proven means of minimizing temperature cycling effects.   

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Roll Size Bulk Spools
1/8" x 100 ft 1/8" x 1000 ft
3/16" x 75 ft 3/16" x 750 ft
1/4" x 50 ft 1/4" x 250 ft
3/8" x 25 ft 1/4" x 500 ft
3/8" x 50 ft 3/8" x 250 ft
1/2" x 15 ft 1/2" x 150 ft
1/2" x 30 ft 5/8" x 150 ft
5/8" x 15 ft 3/4" x 100 ft
5/8" x 30 ft 1" x 75 ft
3/4" x 15 ft  
3/4" x 20 ft
3/4" x 30 ft
1" x 15 ft
1" x 20 ft
1" x 30 ft
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