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DAR stocks variety of single spring seals for pumps and compressors. Choose from the list below for a seal that fits your application.   

Type E

Mechanical Seals

These stainless steel mechanical face seals, also known as pump shat seals or mechanical shaft seals, are designed for OEM and replacement parts on chemical and fertilizer pumps, trash pumps, pressure booster pumps, straight centrifugal pumps, sump pumps and home water systems. The seal components are locked together by a crimped outer shell, providing a unitized construction for the diaphragm and drive gasket. This prevents reverse thrusts from dislodging the seal components. This mechanical lock eliminates the need for adhesives, thereby eliminating leaks between the seal ring and the diaphragm. All springs and spring retainers are 304 stainless steel. all other parts are type 304 stainless steel unless otherwise noted.  

  • Buna-n = -40F to 200F
  • Viton = -15F to 390F
  • Pressure Unbalanced = 150psi
  • 5000 ft / min.
Similar To:
  • Pac Seal Type 68
  • John Crane Type 6A
  • Sealol Type 6
  • Small diameter rotary shafts where high speeds and or vibration is present 
  • Press fit shaft seal in pumps where the spring loaded portion remains stationary and mating ring rotates
Industry Standard Number Shaft Size (Inch) Seal Size (Dia. Inch) Working L (Inch) Seat Bore (inch) Seat Thickness (Inch)  Diaphragm Material Washer Material  Seat Material
163 .500" 1.125" .187" 1.000" .312" Buna-n Phenolic Ceramic
165,648 .500" 1.125" .187" Shaft Mounted .312" Buna-n Phenolic Ceramic
409 .625" 1.437" .265" Shaft Mounted .187" Buna-n Phenolic Ni-resist
600 .625" 1.437" .265" 1.187" .343" Buna-n Phenolic Ceramic
601 .750" 1.575" .265" .343" .406" Buna-n Phenolic Ceramic
1000 .625" 1.437" .265" .406" .406" Buna-n Phenolic Ceramic
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